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Badd Azz Rock Band

My very first band of any consequence. We were all original and won a battle of the bands in Amarillo Texas. This shot is from when we played "The Hole in the Wall" in Borger, Texas.



After moving to Dallas to seek our fame and fortune Jimmy Young and I got into a good working cover band called Skyway. This is from one of our press packets.



Glam metal was the hot thing in the mid 80's, so we decided to go all out with "Centerfold" We were loud, had big hair, eye makeup and lots of spandex.



In the early '90's, I was in a Dallas area metal band called "Thorn". We did a lot of local gigs. This shot is from one of our shows at "Dallas City Limits".

Welcome to My World




Hello everybody! My name is Carl Chaney and welcome to my brand new site!

In the menus above and to the left, you will find links to everything I am currently interested in. In the "Sites" menu above, there is a link to my blog, "Carlsword on the Edge" This is a discussion on various observations that I have made concerning culture, politics and just life in general. Please bear with me on this, I am just getting it started. Feel free to join in or start a new conversation. Also in the "Sites" menu, there is a link to to the "Carlsworld Gallery", which is home to some of the photos that I wish to share with the world. Photos from my Musical career along with family photos old and new. Also in the "Sites" menu is a link to "", an external site that I created to show off my digital art. I created these works of abstract art using Bryce and Photoshop.

The "Rock & Roll Daze" menu chronicles my past musical career. It has been more than 20 years since the end of "Thorn", which was my final band. It was an amazing part of my life and I had an amazing time. The pages are organized by band name and listed from earliest to latest. Some of the pages have links to streaming audio and video, as well as lots of photos.

A new hobby of mine is digital photography. The "Gallery" menu above contains links to several pages containing some photographs that I am proud of. I particularly enjoy taking photos of sweeping landscapes, animals and have even been dabbling in astrophotography.

To the left you will find links to other interests and facets of my life. The "Sports" link leads to a page devoted to the professional sports teams in my area. I currently live in Arlington, Texas, just a few miles from where the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers play their home games. I am an avid Dallas Cowboys fan and I have been ever since I was old enough to know what a football was. I have supported the Dallas Stars since they moved here from Minnesota and was watching back in 1999 when they won the Stanley Cup. I always root for the Mavericks and Rangers because they are local, but basketball and baseball have not traditionally been among my favorite sports.

There are also links to pages devoted to some of my other interests such as PC Games, Progressive Rock and of course my family. I am even setting up a page where I can post links to some of my favorite sites. Some of these pages are still under construction, but I hope to have them up soon.

Another intrest of mine is my family history. To the left, are links to some wonderful old photos that I inherited when my grandmother passed away. Some of these photos date back to the 1890's. It fascinates me to look at the faces in these old photos. Some familiar and some not. I wonder what their lives were like when these were snapped.

I am a conservative American with strong Libertarian leanings who loves his country. I don't consider myself a Democrat or a Republican, I think there are huge problems with both of the parties. It seems that all I hear from both sides is lies and spin. I am for small government and low taxes. I whole-heartedly support the troops and the war on terror. I am increasingly concerned with the direction that America is headed. There are so many things that the government is involved in these days that the founders never envisioned. This massive involvment in our lives along with the growing list of entitlements have proven to be very costly. Every President for the last 100 years is guilty of growing the government and getting us deeper and deeper in debt. Since President Obama took office, it seems that out of control spending has become the norm. The weight of the national debt weighs heavily on my mind. What kind of country will we leave to our children? If the polititians in Washington do not get a handle on their spending soon, I fear that everything is going to collapse. Then where will we be?