Ground Zero


Ok, its the late 80's and I'm looking for a band to join, or some good musicians to start one with.  Among other distractions, my second marriage is falling apart.  I wrote and recorded some solo stuff on the 4-track and came up with some decent tunes.  When things became unbearable with the marriage, I packed my bags and was out of there.  That is a whole other sad story that I won't bore you with.  After all, this is meant to chronicle my musical career.  I moved back to Amarillo for a while to get back on my feet.  There was an attempt to re-form with the guys from Badd Azz, Fred (guitar), Ernie (bass), Preston (drums) and myself.   We were going to call ourselves "Ground Zero".  I don't have any pictures...we never played a single gig.  but we practiced a lot and wrote some pretty good songs, but there were never any quality recordings.  Things were coming around nicely until Ernie flaked out on us and up and moved to Ohio without telling anyone.  Fred got pissed, Preston got depressed and once was over.  It was during this time that I met Wendy, who is my soul mate and we began a relationship that continues to this day.  She was a reporter for the Amarillo newspaper.  For a while, we were the reporter and the rock star.  Ah, those were the days!