Centerfold1 One day Gene came to practice talking about a singer/vocalist that a friend introduced him to.  He was pretty impressed with the guys abilities and wanted to invite him over for a jam.  You see, Gene was not really happy with Roger or Jimmy Albert and he saw an opportunity to replace them both with one person.  Gene introduced us to Cody Gillis, and the rest is, shall we say, history.  Cody brought a new element into our band...a more theatrical metal element.  It was what me and Jimmy Young were looking for. 
Image was more important no and Gene didn't really fit the image we were going for.  This was the mid 80's, the era of big hair spandex and eye makeup.  Since Gene wasn't any of that he had to go.  Cody had a friend named Tom Simpson who was a lead guitar player from a previous band.  One Day, he came over to jam and Centerfold was born.  We jumped into the Dallas metal scene with both feet.  We did covers from Motley Crue, Cinderella, Iron Maiden and others. We worked up a really good version of "Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue.  We recorded a demo at Pantego Studios, an original tune called "Lonely on the Run" which seemed to show a lot of promise.  We began to play a lot at Thunder Rock and a few other places.  We did a music video that didn't at all go as we wanted.  We also did a couple of public access television programs.  We got some decent video from that.  Here is a video when we did "Rock Wars".  But, alas, it was not to be.  Everyone seemed to be dedicated to making the band a success...except Tom.  He said that he was dedicated to the band, but he would still do irresponsible not show up for a scheduled practice.  Once, he was 2 hours late to a gig and that was the last straw for Cody.  Centerfold fell apart.  Cody and Jimmy went their own way and nobody knows where Tom went.  I haven't seen him since.  We had some good original tunes and did some great covers.  We had a lot of fun but it was over.  Time for the next chapter in the continuing saga.