IIn 1983, we'd had enough of Amarillo  and the practically non-existent rock music scene there.  If we played Country music, we could have made some decent money, but we had to rock.  So Greg, Jimmy and myself decided to move to Dallas.  We went through some hard times and Greg moved back to  Amarillo.  Me and Jimmy stayed and eventually added Jimmy Albert (keyboards), Roger Corbin (vocals) and Gene Henry (guitar).  We became "Skyway".  That's me in the middle with the beard.  We played an interesting mix of cover tunes.  From Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams to Boston, Rush and Kansas.  We even did a really cool version of "Abacab" by Genesis.  It wasn't Exactly what I wanted to do, but at least I  was working  and having a lot of fun. 


We played mostly smaller clubs, but our best gigs were at "The Ranch" in Muenster, Texas.  We even filled in on short notice when Pantera had to cancel.  It was quite an experience, the crowd expected Pantera, but got us.  They wanted metal...we gave them Springsteen.  I knew I couldn't do this much longer.  I was making money and having fun (well...kind of) but I still wanted to do heavier stuff.  I wanted to do original stuff too.  You don't get a record contract on how well you do some Bryan Adams tune.  Then we saw a chance to change.